Desert Island Discs, of a sort

Back in last September I was interviewed by a lovely lady called Jenny Devitt about my writing career on Abbey 104 FM, a local radio station in Sherborne, near where I live. We’d bumped into each other on the Riverside Walk, got to talking, and when she discovered I was a writer she asked to interview me. It all went fine, and I can’t have embarassed myself too much because she asked if I wanted to do an hour-long show with her in January, talking more about my career, and choosing some music that had some meaning for its various stages. I wasn’t sure I had enough to say to fill a whole hour, but I said yes anyway. I mean, OK, it’s not like I haven’t had an eventful career, but even so… But then I thought, well, why not? As it turned out, however, I had more than enough to say, and could quite happily have rambled on for hours!

So if you’d like to hear an hour of me talking about my life, my mad career, the Beatles and the Wombles, and probably the first and last time The Birthday Party’s ‘Zoo Music Girl’ has ever been played on local radio, here it is!

Local World with Jenny Devitt, Abbey 104 fm

2 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs, of a sort

  1. How completely charming! Thank you for sharing. (I am embarrassed to confess being confused by British geography and had to look up a map. I’m American, which explains the confusion, but not the embarrassment I suppose.)


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