Pointless pre-assessment with an unexpected benefit

For some reason I had an appointment for an anaesthetic pre-assessment today, even though no operation has yet been scheduled, presumably because they hadn’t had the results of Monday’s MRI. But I went along anyway, hoping they did have the results, and the ‘simple’ bowel op had been scheduled, meaning the liver spot was no … More Pointless pre-assessment with an unexpected benefit

Light and shade

I love winter – what a difference a day can make. One day it’s brilliant sunshine, the next the world is engulfed in mist, as you can see from these photos of the Riverside Walk, taken only a few days apart. One day the trees are thrown into knife-edge contrast by the cold blue sunlit … More Light and shade

Scanning Bernard

MRI first thing this morning, which are never fun. To be fair it’s only my second, the first was a head and neck one a few years ago when they were trying to work out whether or not I had Meniers Disease – I didn’t, it turned out, just a junior version called BPPV, a … More Scanning Bernard