About the author

I’ve been writing most of my life, but I’ve managed to make a living out of it for the last twenty five years or so. But recently I returned to my first love, novels. My first one, ‘The Multiverse of Max Tovey’, is a children’s and Young Adult fantasy novel about a troubled teenager who discovers that his recurring nightmares are a memory of a past that’s been changed. It was published on August 31st 2015 by European Geeks Publishing, and is available as an eBook or paperback through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and EGP’s own website.

This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped script writing though, so do please get in touch if you want any written!

I started out wanting to write novels, but got distracted by the animation industry, and worked on many well-known shows, including ‘The Wombles’, ‘Sabrina, Secrets of a Teenage Witch’ and my own series, ‘The Baskervilles’, which has become a bit of a cult. I was the co-creator of Lego® Bionicle®, and even got nominated for a Bafta, for writing and co-producing the CBBC Christmas Special ‘The Tale of Jack Frost’. For more on my animation career, or even to hire me, head to the Scriptwriting Page.

I can be contacted at alastairswinnerton@gmail.com


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