The Multiverse of Max Tovey

A Young Adult fantasy/adventure novel about a troubled teenager who discovers to his equal delight and alarm that most of his problems are down to being a Time Traveller.

Fourteen year old Max can see the past all around him, like a ghostly overlay on his peripheral vision – or rather, he used to be able to, before they put him on the pills and therapy. Now he mostly doesn’t come out of his room, or off his laptop. The meds were mostly to deal with his PTSD, which seemed to stem from a recurring nightmare of fighting Romans and demons alongside his grandfather on an ancient Somerset Hill Fort – but he’d never been to Somerset, nor had he ever met his grandfather.

But then he goes to his grandfather’s funeral, and not only discovers that the old boy was a Time Traveller, but that so is he, and that the nightmare was a memory of a past that had been changed. Now he goes off on a wild ride through history, real and mythological, to find the legendary lost cross of Montacute stolen by his Viking ancestor Tofig that will close the gates of the Underworld and lift the time travelling curse from his family.

“Excellent… a heart-racing romp through Time.” Alex Marwood, multi-award-winning author of The Wicked Girls.

“Adventure, fantasy, mythology, and history combine in this exciting and gripping novel.” Sara Reid,

“This is fantasy with brains, to be sure.” Sean P. Carlin,

“I had a blast reading Max’s adventure and watching his journey from an introverted kid to a full-fledged hero.” Lora Palmer, Goodreads

“The book was not solely focused on the action; Max’s adventure also focused on his walk to discover himself both as a fourteen year old and as a Time Traveller.” Clarissa Chua, Goodreads

The book is available on Amazon UK, US, Canada, France, and in many other countries, as well as Barnes & Noble and the publisher EGP.

Full reviews on the Amazon UK and US pages, as well as GoodreadsSean P Carlin, Lora Palmer, Today We Did, Bookbed, and Sydney Scrogham

2 thoughts on “The Multiverse of Max Tovey

  1. I’m curious about the ring shown on the cover of this book. I found the exact ring at a pawn shop in which I purchased. Simply because I loved it! Is there any meaning behind the ring?


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