Bernard’s non biopsy

I was supposed to have a biopsy on the back of the mouth thing on Tuesday, but when I turned up for the ENT appointment, the consultant said no biopsy had been booked. Sigh. However, he did a thorough physical and visual examination, including putting a camera down my nose, and said that he couldn’t feel or see anything. Which is great news, of course, but he said there should still be a biopsy just in case. Still waiting to hear about that, so I can’t relax completely about it, but the consultant did say he was pretty confident that the back of the mouth thing was another red herring. I guess they’re just being thorough, which you can’t fault of course, but it still means more waiting. Again, sigh.

Meanwhile, Julie continues to improve – they took her feeding tube out yesterday, which is a great milestone, and she has started to eat non-liquid food, albeit of the mushy kind. Last night was macaroni cheese, one of the Swinnerton family staples. It’s weird having her back at the dining table – we’d almost forgotten what it was like to have to think about two different meals, one meat and one veggie. It’s something we’re very happy to get used to again of course!

I now have two and a half weeks holiday from the day job, and the way it’s going it may actually not be taken up with operations and recovery from same, although it’s unlikely we’ll be going away anywhere exotic as we’d hoped, both because Julie isn’t really up to air travel yet, and, well, air travel is kind of off the table right now anyway, with this virus and all. It will be nice not having to deal with idiots not understanding why they can’t buy enough toilet roll to wrap up a house for a while though! It has also coincided neatly with the start of two new series that a previous client has asked me to write on out of the blue, which of course is wonderful – haven’t written professionally for over a year now. I was a little daunted at first, you know, the usual blank page fear, but that very quickly disappeared and I jumped right in, and they seem to like what I’ve done so far, so I guess I can still do it! If things time out perfectly then two weeks holiday will be followed by an operation and four weeks sick pay with writing on the side, but I guess that’s hoping for too much. Watch this space though!

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