Bernard takes a twist

Got a call from the hospital at around 1pm today saying could I come in in an hour for my PET-CT scan results because the consultant is on holiday next week. Yes of course! I said, ignoring the fact that had he not been on holiday I might have had to wait another week.

The consultant opened with “well, the good news is that the liver is no longer of concern…” I just knew this was going to be followed by a “but…”, and it was.

But… the left adrenal gland is of concern, he said, or more importantly the 15mm tumour in it is. But it can be be cut out – we have two of them it seems, one above each kidney, and most adrenal gland tumours are benign. Most… However, either way, this means whatever operations are to be done, will be done at Southmead Hospital in North Bristol, a good hour and half to two hours away on a good day. Yay. They should just be able to cut both the bit of bowel and the adrenal gland out without chemo, but Bristol may decide they want chemo before anyway. Or not. Up to them now, so we wait and see what they say. Nothing is going to happen for a few weeks on that front anyway. But there wasn’t just a but, there was also a however.

However… the scan also showed up a little spot on, wait for it, the back of the throat. We’ve just spent the last four months dealing with a little spot on Julie’s throat that turned out to be tonsil cancer. It may entirely be because I had a cold at the time though, and be nothing, but ENT at Yeovil have to do a biopsy anyway, probably in the next week.

So we have yet more waiting, and one uncertainty replaced with another one.

Again, yay. 

2 thoughts on “Bernard takes a twist

  1. Oh Alastair FFS!!!! Bernard is getting more and more complicated by the day it seems. As soon as you get a date for Southmead be sure to send dates to us so we can help with transport if needed and if able. Lots of love to you and Julie xxxxxxxxx


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