Bernard gets real

Apologies for copying and pasting – sending this out to lots of people, as you can imagine. So, I had my consultation today, which basically consisted of them telling me they are operating tomorrow! Yikes! They have a short window they reckon before the Covid 19 cases start coming in (Bristol is quiet for it they’re saying, and Southmead has none at the moment), so it’s either tomorrow or in three or four months time when the Corona virus thing is hopefully all over. So it’s tomorrow! Have to be there at 7.30, so early start. It’ll be a four or five hour op, taking the right ascending bowel and the left adrenal gland out, and six weeks till full recovery they reckon, but I should hope to be up and about within a few days, albeit cautiously. I may even be home the next day. No climbing over fences to walk the dogs for a while though!

See you on the other side!

Love to all, stay safe! xx

4 thoughts on “Bernard gets real

  1. Alastair just seen your blog. That’s the best way get in and get sorted, even though your bound to be apprehensive. Best of luck thinking about you. Please if possible keep us posted.


  2. Oh Alastair this is good news, although understandably you will feel very apprehensive, nervous and every feeling in between! But it needs to be done and better now with less hospital chaos around. You will be in the best of the best surgical hands. Also a lot less traffic on the roads will make for a more pleasant journey . Lots of love from us xxxxx


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