I had some frustrating news today, a call from the Colorectal nurse at Yeovil to say that the Bristol people now aren’t sure whether the spot on the liver is of concern after all, so they need a PET-CT scan before they can be completely sure one way or another. So Friday’s consultant appointment is cancelled, and the PET-CT scan will be done in the next couple of weeks at Taunton, yay – thought we’d seen the last of Musgrove Park! So more delays, and uncertainty, but at least there is now a possibility the liver thing isn’t a thing, and it might be a ‘simple’ bowel operation after all. Or not. Just what we need, more variables. Just as I’d reconciled myself to a bigger operation and chemo, there’s a glimmer of hope that it might not be that after all. Or it might be…

So now we wait, again. But, at least it gives Julie another couple of weeks to recover, so that’s good.

Like I said, aaaaaaaargh!!

4 thoughts on “Aaaaaargh!!

  1. Owed to Bernard

    He’s the unknown.
    The known unknown,
    Reliably ready – but not.
    He’s a what’s not –
    A half got,
    An ought to won’t go through.

    He’s definitely a probably not.

    He’s a nearly there,
    A nearly home,
    He’s a donkey
    round the corner.

    He’s a might be.
    A small chance.
    An all in,
    A never been.

    The plot stops.

    Ready or not,

    He’s a likely might not be.

    He’s tiny speck of nothing new.

    I wish him away.


  2. Aaaaaargh! Indeed Alastair, so unsettling with no certainties one way or another. I hope that they are right that they got it wrong but they really need to be getting on and sorting Bernard out ASAP. I so admire how you are able to share your journey with us and hope it helps in some way. Hoping Julie is recovering well but appreciate she must be exhausted and ‘all over the place’ with worry for you. None of this should be happening to either of you but I thank god that you have each other to hold tight. Lots of love my dears x

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