Again with the shorts

Back at Yeovil District Hospital, this time for another flexible sigmoidoscopy to remove the polyp they found what seems like an age ago now. It’s a very minor routine, compared to what is to come, which requires a self-administered enema, and the wearing of the special shorts, the ones with the gap at the back. I won’t trouble you with a selfie.

More importantly, today is my wife’s last day of radiotherapy, and as importantly the last daily trip to Taunton and back, which as I’m sure I’ve said before is almost as tiring for her as the actual treatment. After seven weeks of it, we won’t miss the two hour return journey, but we will miss the team there, who have been nothing but exemplary, so kind, patient and gentle with us at all times. I hope you never find yourselves in the situation, but if you do, I highly recommend them!

Still no news on my MRI results from last Monday though, so we still don’t know if it will be a simple or a complicated effort to remove Bernard. I have more than enough to occupy my mind as we wait though, I can assure you!

Love to all xx

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