Peregrine shortlisted

I had a bit of exciting news the other day, that one of my Peregrine photos had been shortlisted for the British Wildlife Photography Awards. I put ten of them in in the end, although only at the very last minute, as the usual self-doubt and imposter syndrome were kicking in big time, but in the end a friend said something along the lines of “oh just do it!”, so I did. After all, what was there to lose? I knew they were good photos, extraordinary even when compared to my usual dog-walking grab shots, but when you look at the winners of previous years’ awards, or even the commended ones, you look at your own and do the usual I’m not worthy thing. But it turns out I was worthy, a bit at least. No doubt it won’t get any further along the judging, but nonetheless I do feel a little validated, and actually quite proud, thank you!

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