No politics, just dogs in the snow

Might not be writing too many long polemics for a few days – day job to go back to after a busy weekend off, boiler to get working, house to clean after the weekend influx of friends, relatives and dogs (all of which was fun of course, if exhausting!), aged parents to sort out, again, usual stuff. All the things that the ‘how to’ bloggers say shouldn’t get in the way of your blogging, if you want to do it you’ll do it anyway etc etc. Yeah well, you know what? They do get in the way. Still need to do this though, for my sanity if for no other reason. Just won’t be doing two thousand word long reads for a little while.

So here’s a picture of my dogs Woody and Riley in the snow on the Yeovil Country Park Riverside Walk the other day instead.

See you on the other side.

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