A little housekeeping

I’m doing a bit of tidying on the blog site, slowly converting all the old posts to the new ‘blocks’ format, which on balance I do like. Hopefully it will make it read and work better. I haven’t really delved into the depths of WordPress formatting before – I really should have done, of course, because let’s face it all the bloggers one follows obviously know all about this stuff! – but since I started blogging regularly, I realised there are all manner of things I can tweak – fonts, layout, menus etc. I’m also tidying up the categories, and retagging things appropriately where necessary, so if you are reading my posts regularly (and if you do, many thanks!), you may notice things moving around here and there. You may also notice I’ve put a new ‘nature’ item on the menu, which enables everything I am now retagging with ‘nature’ – birdwatching, dogwalking, photography etc posts – to be found in one place. Eventually I’ll get it all looking better!

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