Getting back out there

It’s not been the best month. The death of anyone close to you is always a blow, but that of your oldest and best friend is more like being repeatedly hammered by Mohammed Ali. But life must eventually restart, and my book ‘The Multiverse of Max Tovey’ needs attention. The sequel needs starting of course, but before I begin that process, I must once more climb up on the self-promotion horse, and to kick things off, I’ve compiled the reviews to date.

“What a wild ride! THE MULTIVERSE OF MAX TOVEY is an exciting YA time travel adventure filled with lots of twists and turns and steeped in Celtic mythology”

“Adventure, fantasy, mythology, and history combine in this exciting and gripping novel. It is very well written, rich in descriptive and emotive language, engaging the reader and pulling them through time with Max.”

“A young adult book that doesn’t dumb itself down for anyone, The Multiverse of Max Tovey is a fast-paced, thrilling adventure through time.”

“I admire the way the book depicts the epitome of teenage quarter life crisis: insecurity and uncertainty. Even though we cannot point for point relate to Max’s view, the author still made it possible to empathize with Max with these issues he faced. “

“This is fantasy with brains, to be sure.”

“This book was great, overall. Fun, a little dark, and I would buy it for every kid I know if I could!”

“Max Tovey’ is a big bubbling, fizzing, cauldron of a novel, juggling enough ideas to fill a whole series, at once reminding me of Antonia Fraser meets Tolkien meets Moorcock meets JK Rowling, seasoned with the Tomorrow’s People in Narnia on a Doctor Who set.”

“Rich in history, action and adventure, “Max Tovey” pulls the reader from one page to the next, where the interplay between Max and Myvi, as they fight mythical and alternate-universe-historical-figures across the centuries, shows great staying power after the last page; memorable enough that the readers will eagerly wait for the next book in the series.”

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